Inaugural Thingies

I'm going to assume, for the moment, that if you're reading my website it's because you either know me or you know my writing, so I don't think I'll use up a lot of space in my introductory message introducing myself. Hi! My name is Garrett. 30/M/CA. Thank you for visiting.

Rather, I guess I'll introduce the site itself, which is one of a few very real steps I'm taking right now to deal with my writing as an actual profession. To those ends, this site will serve a bunch of my professional purposes. When this thing goes live, it will already have pages where you can find links to my professional work, get easy access to free stories (which will update periodically), and contact me about my work. I have also added modules on the site that can help you find me on Twitter and that can help you find other writers, artists, and musicians who I think are just remarkable. As my career progresses, I may add pages or modules for things like events schedules, press updates, and donation opportunities, depending on what makes the most sense for how my career is growing.

But what I think and hope will make the site really interesting and worth coming back to or even following will be the part that is not strictly professional. The home page is the blog for a reason, and I want my website to provide the same function that all of my favorite author-run websites do: They help me feel invited into the author's community, just not of course in a creepy way.

So there's a thing I want to emulate, a thing I see John Scalzi and NK Jemison and Elizabeth Bear and Chuck Wendig and so on and so on and so on doing, a thing that serves them professionally, sure, I mean of course, but that is also personal, because these blogs are places where these people are able to experiment with their opinions and discuss their interests and really, really just connect with people by being a reasonable facsimile of themselves every now and then. And to some extent the blog form is a comfortable, personal, social extension of the LJ/Xanga Internet I grew up on, and I still want to be a part of that culture in the capacity that makes the most sense to me.

To be clear, the blog is not my professional plan, nor is the website. I am writing and writing and revising and submitting and re-writing and dealing with those very necessary and practical processes every day. What the blog and the website and the tweeter do is give me a way as a professional to connect directly with the people who for whatever reason care about the things I write, whether those things are pretty lies that make me six cents a word, or rants about cartoons that make me seem just invested enough in cartoons as an adult to get star-eyed over Steven Universe, but not so invested to call myself a bro-anything.

Which brings me to the end: What will I even blog about? And the answer, in the wonderful tradition of blogs everywhere, is whatever the hell I feel like. I will write about Steven Universe, and probably Korra, and Batman the Animated Series, and I might say a thing or two about bronies, maybe, if I REALLY need the page hits. I will occasionally write about social justice issues, which are extraordinarily important to me. I will write about writing. I will signal boost the CRAP out of my friends. I will try to be fun, and I will try to be honest.

And I will moderate my comments. I value good comments, but I've been on the Internet for more than half of my life, and I understand the secret lives of trolls. Sometimes moderating against trolls means that earnest comments will be caught up as collateral damage and frankly that does not bother me. I will delete ev. ery. thing. to maintain a non-toxic environment on my website. Because it is my website and I can do whatever I want with it.

Aaaaand... I think that's everything. Thanks again for coming by. I hope you come back.