Achievement Unlocked

This isn't one of my essay style blog posts. This is just a quick message about me being proud of myself. I started my current manuscript thinking that it was a short story that would run maybe 6,000 words. And then I found that I had to do, like, a BUNCH of research, which was weird, because I was spending more time researching than it should have taken me to write the draft to begin with. Then as I was writing it I realized rather belatedly that it was a novel, and that it was shoving my other novel -- the one I've had central in my heart for more than 10 years -- to the side because it just frankly had to be written first, and not only that but it was going to actually be an excessively difficult novel to write, and it didn't care what I thought about either of those things.

Today, after about three weeks of regular writing on this project, I hit 20,000 words on the first draft. Which, if I'm feeling the story out correctly at this point, is about 1/4 of what will be the complete draft. I've never written so much of something so difficult so fast. I'm going to have a beer tonight.