One Month In: January Productivity Post

It's no secret that I am aiming to make 2016 something of a banner year for me, writing-wise, which I am really just thinking of as "do better than I have before." 2015 was my best writing year, the first year I managed to translate "taking writing seriously" and "being motivated" into actually doing a lot of work. I had my first short story sale, to an amazing semi-pro market, in 2015 and I wrote somewhere in the area of 60,000 words on the year (not counting revisions).

 From My Experiments in Longhand: A Super Secret Preview of a WIP titled "Agnos"

From My Experiments in Longhand: A Super Secret Preview of a WIP titled "Agnos"

2016 simply needs to out-do that. That started on January 1, when I officially started logging exact word counts per day in a spreadsheet, which has done wonders for my rigor and work ethic, already.I am also hoping to announce a pro-sale in the near future, which would be my first of that kind. This post is here to report my January productivity. So, how did I do?

Total New Words Written: 16,323
Average Words Per Day: 527
Dead Days (Zero Words): 15
Average Words Per Active Day: 1,020
End of Year Pace (Linear Extrapolation): 193,000
Words Revised: ~900

So, January was a good month. More dead days than I would like, but perfectly respectable in every other way. All this has helped to nail home a lot of things that I knew intellectually, but maybe had never internalized before. Because 500 words a day is not very much. It's a few pages. It's almost a discouragingly small amount. But it adds up to around 200K words for the full year. And 200K words a year IS a lot. That's two to three novel-length manuscripts. In one year. I can live with that.

How's your year going?