Book Review: Kensei, by Jeremy Zimmerman

Jeremy Zimmerman is a self-described writer, gamer, and smart ass who works out of Seattle, where he also edits Mad Scientist Journal. He's also the author of the young adult superhero series that started in 2012 with Kensei and will be continuing with the sequel, Kensei: The Love of Danger, which has already been funded on Kickstarter and is currently working toward its first stretch goal. It's a project I recommend, and I'd like to see it meet that stretch goal before all is said and done.

But that's the second book. What about the first? That's what I'm here to tell you about. Rather than wasting time trying to summarize the plot myself, here's the jacket copy:

"Jamie Hattoriā€™s alter ego, the masked hero Kensei, has been doing pretty well protecting her neighborhood from petty villains with her martial arts skills, her fatherā€™s katana, and a little help from the local spirits. But things get rough when the spirits start flaking out, the Goddess of Discord throws a few cursed apples, and an online gossip site sics an angry football player on her. Then thereā€™s her slipping grades, the vampire owls, and the cute roller derby chick looking for romance. And even worse, Jamieā€™s hero-hating mom is starting to get suspicious. Can Jamie defeat her mysterious nemesis without tearing her family apart? And more importantly, will she score her first kiss?"

So what did I think of Kensei? Jump the cut to find out! (Spoiler: I liked it -- as usual, minimal spoilers in the review.)

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